Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pale Pallor

No snow on the ground just yet, but that won't stop us from the adoration of its hue: white.

There's something dangerous about wearing white. You have to be mindful of all your moves. Where do I sit? Can I sit? I can't order pasta, red wine, or anything drizzled in chocolate sauce. (You might think it's not worth it, just based on that.) But, it's so chic!

I'm already a huge fan of monochromatic looks, though I admit I'm tired of seeing all-black get-ups on the street (or on me). For spring, I'm going with top to toe white, especially with direction seen here from the runway. Gradations of color, tiny silver boots, and-pop!- the use of one colorful accessory is too tempting (and easy) to pass up.

Karl Lagerfeld's use the hue for Chanel was simply gorgeous:

... and diaphonous and ethereal a pearl. Just check out the set:

Attention to detail & unified theme, perfect:

Plus, Lagerfeld didn't use unadulterated white. There were gradations of pale blush, blue, and grey. It's a timeless way of dressing. I can imagine looking back at these photos in five decades and still being impressed with their beauty.

Hakaan went less lady-like with his use of white, and definitely embraced the year 2012. This peplum-hipped birdcage skirt reminds me of a 21st Century Mad Max, especially with the shoes.
The color here is a brilliant white, as was the lighting. I think it helps with the crispness of the look. Otherwise, it might look a but like a crocheted skirt made by grandma.

This last look might be my favorite. (I'm such a fan of Ports 1961, can't you tell?) It's just so clean.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that the accordion purse is gorgeous and hello- so are the shoes. Luckily they'll work with my blush Ports dress from the last post... both are which sit in my virtual dreamworld wardrobe.

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