Thursday, June 14, 2012

Resort 3.1

I'm not too young to remember the '90s well. It was the era that saw my introduction to fashion as an intensely personal and creative outlet. I got my first fashion magazine then (cool lime and angular cuts covered the thick pages of Bazaar back then); I started wearing a rainbow-colored African beanie; and, incidentally, I had a pet monkey Beanie Baby. And a hackey sack I never mastered.

But Phillip Lim has mastered all things Resort 2013. His collection is stocked with crisp lines reminiscent but not overtly '90s. Here are a few of my favorite things looks:

And let's call a few trends now:
a) pantsuits will continue to reign
b) we're still entertaining the idea that overalls can be chic
c) graphic--whether black & white in digitized prints--will dominate; it's only counterpoint the equally popular monochromatic trend

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