Sunday, October 21, 2012

Crisp Genes

Walking through the city today, my boyfriend asked, "Why is it that girls dress like guys now, and guys want to look like girls?" In front of us was a couple. He wore skintight black pants rolled at the ankle, loafers (sockless) and a tailored leather jacket. Very svelte. She wore mud-colored baggy pants, combat boots, a motorcycle jackets and printed brown and blue scarf.

He had a point. Mine was that perhaps we always want the other. We're intrigued by what isn't ours, and when we're told something is the way it is, there's a certain sect that wants it even more. By taking what is traditionally male or female and spinning it a complete 180, we succeed in sartorial domination. Perhaps.

In a move I chalk up to the balancing of sugar sweet and/or an adherence to clean lines, the white shirt is having its moment.  Here are a few looks gleamed from the interwebs and Milan's fashion week. I love the looks because they manage to keep cool and wear in a realistic way. Besides, aren't we all a little male/female?

The Sartorialist, Street Peeper

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