Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dior Moment

There were the requisite LBDs done to perfection and exaggerated silhouettes that nipped at the waist and nodded to the brand's history, but this season's Dior collection for Spring and Summer did more than meet expectations.

Raf Simons embraced the 2013 season with fabrics, lines, and color combinations that were decidedly twenty-first century. His dresses seemed laser-cut, the colors glossed with iridescent space dust. Whereas other designers may have cowed to the brand's history, Simons made it his own. And in the midst of a fashion moment that seems to teeter between two extremes--the ugly chic of the '70s or pared-down Minimalism--Simon's did neither. He embraced 2013--the first year to break The Jetsons barrier that is, after all, just about to be our present.

 photos: WhoWhatWear

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